Pleasantly Scented Products That Compliments One Another

Bathing soap, lotion, and cologne that compliments one another! Ladies love a good smelling man, not a man who smells like the gym! We all have different body odors. Finding the right soap with a good base moisturizer that leaves no residue, and a good body lotion that leaves the skin moisturized and not dried up!

It took me a minute to find my perfect scent that I want the ladies to smell, it’s light and not heavy. Use a good cologne that has a cigar scent.  You always want to leave the room with a pleasant scent that people will remember you by “he always smells good!”

Tuck Your Shoelaces Inside Your Shoes

Shoelaces tuck inside your shoes! In the past men have re-lace the shoes for that criss-cross look. I have found that the shoe looks sleeker and slick with the straight cross lace. It looks more professional, and it shows off the structure of the shoe with a good pair of sheer socks as my grandfather would say “pimp socks”. I’m not a big fan of the mix match color, it always draws the eye down. I like to perceive the whole look! Also tucking in your shoelaces, give the shoe a sheen look of the structure of the shoe.

Trouser And Pant Tailoring Tip For Best Fit & Comfort

In the 80’s buying a belt for your pants was very popular, now that we are in the 21st century, belts loops are becoming less popular. For the clean sleek look, I have my belt loops cut off by a professional tailor for that classy look. 30% of the pants that top designers are making are the beltless look. It’s easy on the eye, makes your waistline looks smaller than what it is and look sexier! So when I find a pair of pants that I like and they have belt loops, cut them off! Style #101

How To Keep Your Back Pockets Smooth

One of my secret styling tips is a shoehorn! My father taught me this trick. Men seem to forget about their back pockets when they chose not to carry their wallets. To have a sleek look and make sure your back pockets are not jammed up! Take a long shoehorn and slide it into your back pockets to get that smooth look, sometimes our shirt tails catch those pockets and wrinkles them up. This shoehorn does the job for a better look!

Styling Tip For Fedora Hats

Styling tip for my fedora hats. People always ask me how do you keep your brim so sleek and even! Sample.. starch! sounds crazy but it works! I iron the brim on high steam and spray a little starch on it! It keeps the brim hard and in place for that military look!

Beard Care Moisture Tip

One of my secret trips for the beard is Pantene Renewal Deep Conditioner Miracle Moisture! When I run out of beard products such as beard balm or beard oils, this moisturizing conditioner does the job for a clean, soft beard and smells good!

Five Easy Steps to Men’s Fitness Over 50

Men’s Fitness Over 50 

Men can still get in the best shape of their lives, even after age 50. So let’s face it; most men over 50 years old are in terrible shape.  Years of physical neglect have taken their toll with weak, atrophied muscles, excess body fat, and unhealthy organs.

But here’s the good news; you can easily reverse this!  In fact, men over 50 can get in the best shape of their entire lives with a very simple approach.  Here are 5 steps to take to get on track for achieving a top level of health:

  • Get a physical

This is the standard operating procedure for anyone starting back into exercise, don’t skip this step.

Make an appointment to see your doctor, explain that you plan to get back into shape with moderate exercise.  Order blood work and have your testosterone and your PSA levels checked.  Have your prostate checked.

If your free testosterone is low, talk to your doctor about HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

The process is quick and easy, and you will have peace of mind that everything is in order physically.

  • Change your diet

We can’t emphasize it enough – you are what you eat.  Changing your diet has two components, a) changing what you eat, and b) changing how much you eat.

The former is to ensure you get all of the proper macro and micro nutrients the body needs to function properly.  This will likely include supplements.

The latter is to reduce calories so that you lose body fat.  You will need to take in fewer calories than you expend to lose weight in the form of body fat.

Seriously consider hiring a nutritionist if you are unsure of your approach and are not willing to do the research.

  • Join a Gym

It takes a village to stay in shape.  Actual research shows men who belong to a gym feel a sense of community and are much more likely to achieve their health and fitness goals by belonging to a gym.

This of course also gives you full access to all of the equipment needed for your exercise routine.

  • Hire a trainer

Chances are good that, if you’re a man over 50 and you’re out of shape, you either don’t know how to structure your workouts and/or what you used to know is antiquated and either ineffective or dangerous.

Hiring a personal trainer is simply one of the best investments you can ever make, returning the immeasurable benefits of health and fitness.  Shop around and hire the most reputable trainer you can find, you will get what you pay for.

A great trainer listens to your goals, understands your body, and will put together a program just right for you.  Additionally, your trainer becomes a key component in your accountability – it helps to have someone holding your feet to the fire on your goals.

  • Don’t quit, no matter what

Like everything in life, persistence is what gets it done.  You will have days you want to quit. Don’t do it.

Simply take one day, one workout at a time, and do your best.  Give your workouts the same priority you give to any other meeting.  Sometimes you just have to say no to other options so you can say yes to your workouts.

Do these 5 steps and stick with it for at least 6 months, I guarantee you will see incredible results, and you’ll be on your way towards the best physical fitness in your entire life!


Men’s Fitness Resolutions You Should be Making In 2018

Looking good is not just about the hairstyle you have or the products you buy, fitness should be one of your top priorities going into 2018. Whether you’re a total newcomer, getting back into the swing of things after the festive period, or an experienced gym-goer, these Men’s Fitness New Year’s Resolutions will be a great guide to staying fit in 2018.

Set achievable goals

Simply put, not setting clear, attainable goals is the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to fitness. Forget getting abs in thirty days, or any promise of getting the ideal body by summer. A month or two down the line, you run the risk of being dissatisfied with your progress and abandoning the project altogether. Choose from the outset whether you’re looking to get stronger, get leaner, or lose weight. When setting your goals, it can help to have a vision of where you’d like to be in 12 months. However, especially as a beginner, you should be prepared to be flexible. As you gain experience and learn what you enjoy, your goals will naturally shift.

Our top tip: Take a picture of yourself before you begin your training program to keep track of your progress. Recreating the photo each month under the same conditions will ensure you are moving towards your goals.

Choose the right program for your goals

Picking a program can sometimes feel like navigating a minefield, but keeping your overall goal in mind will allow you to focus your attention on what’s important. It’s crucial, too, to avoid falling victim to the most common fitness myths. A good balance of cardiovascular and resistance training is of benefit to more or less everybody (and going for a jog won’t ruin your gains). Simply adjust the amount of attention you give to each based on your goals.

Our top tip: Personal training might be expensive, however, by paying for one session you can clear up any questions you have about the best exercises for you. Then, devise your own plan based on their recommendations.

Track your progress

Tying in closely with our first men’s fitness resolution – tracking your progress is absolutely key to ensuring you get the most out of your training. Unless your main goal is to lose weight, we suggest avoiding the weighing scales. Focus instead on body fat percentage, body part measurements, or even by how good you look in photographs. Improvements in performance are also extremely useful measures of progress. Make sure to record your results, and use these to create micro-targets which will help you stay on track.

Our top tip: Plan your workouts and record your results each time. Your aim should be to trend in the direction of your fitness goals – whether that’s running a faster mile, or bench pressing more weight. If you’re not happy with results over a 4 week period, it might be time to change up your routine.

Use your time wisely

This men’s fitness resolution might be the trickiest to get right – but when you do, the payoff can be huge. Spending all of your free time in the gym might be some people’s idea of fun, but there are few tricks to optimize your exercise that can make it much less time-consuming. Cycling, or, where possible, walking to work is not only a great way to keep fit but has been shown to boost cognition and mood in the morning. Cycling can also be a great time saver – for the most part, immune to traffic, you might be surprised to find cycling is often a quicker option than driving. Team sports are a smart choice too, as they allow you to combine seeing friends and getting fit at the same time.

Plan meals

We’ve all been there. You forget to take a packed lunch to work and end up making poor food choices that compromise your goals. Planning and preparing meals doesn’t only allow you to avoid eating the wrong things, however. Making sure you get a nutritious meal before a workout means you can maximize your performance and get better results at the gym.

Our top tip: Investing in a good amount of quality Tupperware will make your life much easier. Having a quick and easy go-to meal to fall back on when you’re pressed for time is useful too. Chinese style stir-fries, for example, are a great way to make sure you’re getting the right amount of protein, carbs, and vegetables.

Skin Care

What Skin Type Am I? 

Find Out what Skincare Products are right for you.

Finding the right skincare product often becomes overcomplicated if you aren’t looking for the product that’s best for your skin type. Knowing your skin type is key to finding the right product, and here at Mankind, we want you to stop wasting time with products that aren’t right for you. We’ve devised a quick guide to help you determine your skin type and the products you should be using.

Types of Skin

To put it simply, your skin type should be the first thing you think of when selecting skin care products. Your skin will fall into one of four types:

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Normal

If you have an oily skin type, aside from feeling excessively oily, you may also be prone to having large, visible pores, as well as noticeable spots year-round.  When looking for cleansers, it’s important that you pick a product which is gentle, and won’t exacerbate clogged pores. With an oily skin type, it’s recommended you avoid washing more than twice a day, but more may be needed if you’ve sweated from heat or exercise. If you’re a regular gym-goer with this skin type, it’s crucial to wash immediately after a workout to keep your skin clear.


I recommend oil-balancing face scrubs. If your skin is prone to shine, a matte face-cream can help to counteract this, while consistent use of face masks will prevent clogged pores. Oil-control products will also help you manage oil secretion throughout the day. When blemishes do flare up, concealer is always an option to minimize the impact. Make sure you match the product to your skin tone, and if shine is an issue, we recommend a concealer with a matte effect.


Everyone knows the worst effects of dry skin– redness, and patchiness, leading to flaking and cracking which worsens in cold weather. However, not everyone with the dry skin type will experience these issues. If your skin has little bounce or elasticity, with pores which are rarely very visible, or if your complexion is dull, you may have a dry skin type. Dryness can be combated by using gentle face cleansers – no more than once a day if possible. Moisturizing will be your greatest asset, and face-creams can be applied morning and night, especially before exposure to cold.


For many people, aspects of both the oily and dry skin types may be applicable, either at different times of the year, or because of other factors like diet, sleep, and workload. If this sounds like you, you have a combination skin type. As you might expect, the best way to remain in control of the issues which can affect combination skin type is to have the right products at your disposal for when they flare up. Making sure you have the right face creams and scrubs will equip you for oiliness and dryness. In either case, concealer can be used to cover up blemishes.


If you’re one of the lucky people who doesn’t experience noticeable levels of any of these issues, you have a normal skin type. For you, skincare should be a breeze, as you’re unlikely to encounter problems whichever product you pick. Moisturizing face-creams will maintain your skin’s natural good qualities, and when looking for a face scrub or cleanser, you’re free to choose.