A great pair of clippers is always needed for that quick fix at home. Some of us have that beard that seems to grow overnight! Give yourself that quick trim and you’re ready to go!

Pleasantly Scented Products That Compliments One Another

Bathing soap, lotion, and cologne that compliments one another! Ladies love a good smelling man, not a man who smells like the gym! We all have different body odors. Finding the right soap with a good base moisturizer that leaves no residue, and a good body lotion that leaves the skin moisturized and not dried up!

It took me a minute to find my perfect scent that I want the ladies to smell, it’s light and not heavy. Use a good cologne that has a cigar scent.  You always want to leave the room with a pleasant scent that people will remember you by “he always smells good!”

Beard Care Moisture Tip

One of my secret trips for the beard is Pantene Renewal Deep Conditioner Miracle Moisture! When I run out of beard products such as beard balm or beard oils, this moisturizing conditioner does the job for a clean, soft beard and smells good!