Cleaning Your Tennis Shoes With Clorox Wet Wipes

Using wet wipes for cleaning and removing dirt from your white tennis shoes or tennis shoes with white soles. I have experienced some other tennis shoe cleaners which have strip and crack the leather of my tennis shoes. In wet wipes, there is some kind of absorbing that shines, clean and smells good to refresh your tennis shoes. It only takes a minute to clean and they look fresh and brand new!

Tuck Your Shoelaces Inside Your Shoes

Shoelaces tuck inside your shoes! In the past men have re-lace the shoes for that criss-cross look. I have found that the shoe looks sleeker and slick with the straight cross lace. It looks more professional, and it shows off the structure of the shoe with a good pair of sheer socks as my grandfather would say “pimp socks”. I’m not a big fan of the mix match color, it always draws the eye down. I like to perceive the whole look! Also tucking in your shoelaces, give the shoe a sheen look of the structure of the shoe.