Coordination Is Key

One of my styling tips, when we are out and about, even if it’s business or pleasure we have to coordinate! This looks simple, but it says a lot!! It’s clean, smart, and it says I’m going somewhere!

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares enhance a great jacket it adds that extra pop that compliments the shirt and the jacket gives that chic look!

A well put together closet.

I believe that your closet should be well color coordinate. In the past I learned when you have your threads all over the place, you end up buying the same thing twice! This is why I keep my whites with the whites and the blues with the blues, … etc. So you will know exactly what you have in your closet, keep a well-organized closet!

Shoe Shine Kit

A good traveling size shoe shine kit always comes in handy. There are 5 places where a women eyes will check you out, one is your shoes! Ladies love a man with well-kept shoes in style with a shine it says a lot about your personality!


A man should have a watch for all occasions, work, social, play! A good watch says a lot about your personality, it’s one of the places women look!

Tuck Your Shoelaces Inside Your Shoes

Shoelaces tuck inside your shoes! In the past men have re-lace the shoes for that criss-cross look. I have found that the shoe looks sleeker and slick with the straight cross lace. It looks more professional, and it shows off the structure of the shoe with a good pair of sheer socks as my grandfather would say “pimp socks”. I’m not a big fan of the mix match color, it always draws the eye down. I like to perceive the whole look! Also tucking in your shoelaces, give the shoe a sheen look of the structure of the shoe.

Trouser And Pant Tailoring Tip For Best Fit & Comfort

In the 80’s buying a belt for your pants was very popular, now that we are in the 21st century, belts loops are becoming less popular. For the clean sleek look, I have my belt loops cut off by a professional tailor for that classy look. 30% of the pants that top designers are making are the beltless look. It’s easy on the eye, makes your waistline looks smaller than what it is and look sexier! So when I find a pair of pants that I like and they have belt loops, cut them off! Style #101

How To Keep Your Back Pockets Smooth

One of my secret styling tips is a shoehorn! My father taught me this trick. Men seem to forget about their back pockets when they chose not to carry their wallets. To have a sleek look and make sure your back pockets are not jammed up! Take a long shoehorn and slide it into your back pockets to get that smooth look, sometimes our shirt tails catch those pockets and wrinkles them up. This shoehorn does the job for a better look!